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Things You Need To Know To Become A Chiropractor In The UK

chiropractorAre you planning to become a chiropractor in the UK? In order to legally treat members of the public with chiropractic, you must be able to obtain the correct qualifications. From there, you will then need to join a chiropractic governing body, such as the General Chiropractic Council and gain the relevance insurance documentation.

The good news is that getting a chiropractic degree proves easier than you might think. It’s important to have a thorough understanding of what institution to enrol in, which courses to take and how to register with the General Chiropractic Council (GCC). To serve as your guide, here are the most important things you need to know if you want to become a professional chiropractic care provider in the UK.

The qualifications required to become a chiropractor follow an internationally recognised standard. Currently, there are three accredited institutions in the UK that provide chiropractic courses.

These are:

  • The Welsh Institute of Chiropractic – University of South Wales
  • The McTimoney College of Chiropractic
  • The Anglo – European College of Chiropractic

These three UK institutions are the only ones recognised by the GCC when it comes to providing Masters in Chiropractic. Here students will receive training in a broad range of core skills. These include physiology, biomechanics and the skills necessary in order to reach an accurate diagnosis of patients.

These training institutions also ensure that their students receive the required amount of theoretical and practical knowledge which they can then apply within their practice upon becoming a qualified chiropractor.

Specialist courses can also be taken in chiropractic, but the essential qualification is the four-year course.

After receiving education and training and qualifying as a chiropractor, the next step is to be approved by the General Chiropractic Council. It is important to note that you will not be legally allowed to practice chiropractic treatment in the United Kingdom without being registered with the GCC. This is to help further safeguard the public from practitioners who are not fully qualified to practice.

It is necessary to obtain the appropriate degree from any of the above GCC-recognised institutions and then apply for registration with the GCC.

The General Chiropractic Council is a regulating body that ensures all chiropractic treatment professionals follow the strict international standards and code of ethics.

Having such a system in place helps patients rest assured that there is always an organisation ready and willing to listen to any of their needs, be it regarding specific techniques in chiropractic or questions about its efficacy. A GCC registration serves as a proof to patients that the practitioner has not only received the right training but has also been approved by an internationally recognised institution.

Furthermore, the GCC also provide some benefits to the chiropractic practitioner, such as industry information and support, information on and CPD courses that they may need to attend and the credibility of association.

Aside from holding a GCC-recognised chiropractic degree, there are also other requirements in order to register with them. Visit https://www.gcc-uk.org/education/undergraduate-education/chiropractic-students.aspx to learn more about the things you need to prepare when registering as a chiropractor.