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natural-healing-oilHello and welcome to my health and wellness blog. I amĀ passionate about good health, wellbeing and natural living!

People are becoming more and more health conscious nowadays, which is a good thing. Our society is generally pretty stressful in the West, which is a huge health issue for millions of people.

Furthermore, with genetically modified foods, pollution of various kinds and generally bad lifestyle choices, people seem to be at a higher risk of certain health conditions than ever before.

In many modern societies, traditional healthcare can be easily accessible. But what about those people who are not so fortunate to live in a country where good healthcare is a given? Sadly, there are also many people that do in fact live in countries with a high standard of healthcare, but they have limited to no access to it due to funding.

What are the Alternatives in Healthcare?

While I am a believer that everything has it’s place, there is also an increasing call for complimentary and alternative medicines, which may be effective methods of treatment for a larger proportion of the ailments commonly suffered today.

Complimentary medicines are meant to be used as an addition to and alongside conventional treatments from an allopathic doctor. Alternative medicines are those which may be choses as an alternative means to the treatment of certain conditions.

As I mentioned earlier, I am a firm believer that both Western medicine and alternative practices do have their place and in many cases, can work well alongside each other. However, if a condition affords the sufferer the time to treat the condition naturally, then why not go down that route first?

On this blog I will be talking to you about various approaches to natural health and healthy living and I hope that I will be able to bring you some good information on different forms of healing and well-being.

I hope you will enjoy my blog and please do come back soon šŸ™‚

Love, Light & Peace,